History of movie sites

movie download sites are one of the most popular online media because they attract a lot of users and are followed by offensive visits. If we look at the past, movie download sites were big sites from Iran Film to Tiny Movie, and more recently, even Movie To Movie was one of the sites that were filtered due to non-compliance with Islamic laws. Continuous filters that caused them to gradually lose their user and somehow withdraw from the market of movie sites. One of the advantages of these sites and attracting users to their site was the use of the original version and the original language of foreign films, which were available for download in the film without any censorship, and for those who do not want to offend their conscience, download the film Foreign languages ​​with the original language is one of the important factors. These popular sites offer all the qualities of the movies without censorship and most importantly, they put the subtitles separately so that those who do not want to have subtitles will not be bothered. Also, due to the age of such sites, having a complete and aged archive is a great advantage. Popular sites in between were able to remain stable, from Up TV to Hex Download, which by attracting the user and having an official license, they were able to be among the top movie sites, but without a doubt, the user is not satisfied because censorship is observed in movies, but we must get used to it. Follow foreign movies like this.

The future of the movie market

So far, we have dealt with the history of movie download sites, a certain percentage can not be determined for the audience of Iranian and foreign films, but compared to the past, Iranian films have flourished with the presence of home theater network and more home theater series. And with the problems that exist for downloading foreign films, users prefer to tend to Iranian films, which can help a lot in the future of Iranian cinema. If the market for watching Iranian films becomes hotter, we will see the production of more cinematic works, so much so that in recent years, cinema films and home theater series have used good stories, and a high percentage of people are satisfied with the film. One of the problems that some movie sites do not take and should be taken more seriously is movie sites that illegally release movies that are being shown in cinemas or home theaters for free, despite the high level of user satisfaction. "The release of such activities has led filmmakers to refrain from producing more films due to low sales, which should be considered more logically." Online Cinema Screening

The existence of the disease caused some films to be released in cinemas for the first time. It may seem to some how different it is from showing a movie in a home theater. You can watch movies without going to the cinema. It takes time for this method to take root as most films find their appeal in the cinema. Sitting next to the viewer, the dark cinema hall, can evoke the audience's feeling, but watching the film at home does not evoke such excitement. Maybe with the opening of cinemas, online screenings will not disappear soon, and those who want to watch movies being screened at home legally and by buying tickets will provide them. If the right to broadcast these serials is respected and something can be done to deal with the profiteers who broadcast these films, the online screening of cinema can be presented as another field in the field of films.